Sunday, December 18, 2005

I am a Thrift-Aholic !!!

I am a Thrift-Aholic, I am hopelessly addicted to vintage stuff, I can never have too much of it!

I LOVE to shop at thrift stores, yard and garage sales, antique shops, I even haul stuff right in from the curb - I go anywhere that I can find neat vintage stuff, and I like to see cool stuff that others have found while thrifting too! I also love to craft and make my own jewelry designs. I created "Junk In My Trunk" as a site that I can post pictures of my vintage finds and collectibles, fun stuff that I find along the way, and projects that I create. I welcome others who want to share posts about their finds and goodies too. Come on in!


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Monica said...

me too, there are others out there :) you feel alone until you see all the bloggers who are like us :)