Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thrifting Finds #7 - Depression Glass, Flamingo Tray

This is the last of the posts for today - I love everything I got, but these 2 are my favorite. I collect flamingos, so I was tickled to find this beautiful painted vintage flamingo tray! And also, a gorgeous pink depression glass footed candy dish, with lovely gold edging.

I think the total I spent on all these great items was under $15 - not bad!!! :)


Thrifting Finds #6 - Ballerina Prints

Ohhhh, when I saw these I almost tripped on my own feet running to grab them! These are gorgeous, the picture does not do them justice. They are about 4" deep, like a frame set within a frame, in pink, gold and ivory. I love, love, love them!


Thrifting Finds #5 - Lantern, Stationery

Found a pack of Dash-A-Line Stationery, and this cute little child's lantern - it is battery operated, with red and green sides, and never used. Looks like it was a sample, and it's original tag is still on it.


Thrifting Finds #4 - Owl Prints

Are these guys not adorable?! I had to get them, but I am sorry I did not clean them first before I took the pix, some of this stuff I got today is pretty dusty :)


Thrifting Finds #3 - Cookbooks and Kitchen

Found a great old sifter, and 3 cookbooks: one for the Sunbeam Mixmaster, "Dishes Children Love", and my favorite - "Magical Desserts with Whip n' Chill".


Thrifting Finds #2 - Books & Magazines

Got a neat old Christmas Craft book, and 2 early 50's magazines - check out the pink kitchen on the McCall's mag! (I may scan some of the better pix in the books and post them later in a separate post, if I have the time)


Thrifting Finds #1 - Sewing Patterns

Here is my haul for this week's Thrifting and Yard Sale finds: Found a bunch of cool old vintage patterns, love the Vogue one! More to come in next post.....


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Turner Print Collection

These are part of our collection of Turner prints, we have had them for a while. I got the Cockatoo print at an estate sale for $5, and somebody tried to grab it out of my hand. Not letting go of that one! LOL My hubby repainted all the frames in a glossy buttercream paint - it's a shame that the frames had lost the mirrored edging on them. We have some smaller Turner prints too, but these are my favorite.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

This Week's Thrifting Finds

I was able to make it to a few yard sales this week, as the weather was wonderful! Here are the goodies I got - above, an old Noma Christmas angel tree topper, she needs a bit of repair, but I had to bring her home.

This cool vintage ice crusher, it even still had the hardware to attach it to a wall. Also, 4 cute little red shakers.

2 old creamers and 1 sugar bowl - the sugar bowl is missing its lid, but I still liked it :)

This is a little set of guys on barrels, it is called the "Rag Time Band", still in their original box - too cute!

I ran over to grab these - a huge baggie full of vintage hankies - $1 for the whole bag!!!

I love Hawaiian themed things, so I bought this old LP for the cover art.

And last, but not least, I found some cute vintage kitties still in their box, a milk glass hand, and a ruffly blue glass vase. I spent under $8 for all of this stuff!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chicken Collection - Part 2

Here is the other cabinet with more of the chickens, I find them all the time at thrift stores and yard sales - the bottom shelf won't be empty for too long :)


Roseville and Hull Pottery

Here is a cabinet that I bought at a flea market, I have since had a piece of glass cut to replace the missing shelf. It is in the front hallway, and houses my Hull and Roseville pottery collection. That is a stuffed Bobcat atop the cabinet, I bought him at an antique market. At Christmas time, I dangle a Christmas ball from his paw :)


Friday, April 07, 2006

Thrifting/Yard Sale Finds

Yesterday while I was on the way to taking my bird to the Vet, we passed a yard sale - I wanted to jump out right then and there but had to get to the appointment on time. Rats. But we did stop by on the way back, and also had time to stop at a thrift store too. Here is my little haul from the day:

I bought a crock to hold salt, has a minor chip but no big deal, a Campbell soup mug and a Kliban cat mug, and a flamingo cup for my flamingo collection. Also got the cutest little Hawaiian/Tiki plaque, that is edged in real shells.

Found a Josef lady figurine, so sweet!

Here is the little Hawaiian/Tiki plaque.

Also found some cute jewelry - a vintage owl pendant, some ladybug earrings, and cloisonne shell earrings. I am not going to wear the earrings, but will use them in other crafty things I will make.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rooster & Chicken Collection - Partial

Well I thought I had a picture of both cabinets of my chickens and roosters, but I goofed. Will have to go and get a pic of the other one later. They are not arranged the way I want them to stay, I just moved the cabinet and put them in there for now. I like to put doilies in the display cabinets - my hubby say I can "doily anything to death" LOL (he's right :)


Perfume Bottle Collection

I love this old shelf I found at a flea market, it is perfect for my collection of vintage perfume bottles. The upper two shelves hold most of my Evening in Paris collection, I love them so much, my mom used to wear that perfume. I just found out that they started making Evening in Paris again, in case you like the fragrance.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Head Vases and Frilly Stuff

Here is what my hubby calls my "Foo Foo" cabinet. It is full of vintage head vases, hand painted floral dishes, and other frilly collectibles.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cows and Watermelons

I have some of my cow and cow creamer collection on these shelves in the kitchen, mixed in with watermelons. I think they look cute together.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Collectibles In The Bathroom

I have a shelf in one of the bathrooms that displays my vintage toiletries, perfumes, talc cans, and some of my Mermaid collection.