Friday, April 07, 2006

Thrifting/Yard Sale Finds

Yesterday while I was on the way to taking my bird to the Vet, we passed a yard sale - I wanted to jump out right then and there but had to get to the appointment on time. Rats. But we did stop by on the way back, and also had time to stop at a thrift store too. Here is my little haul from the day:

I bought a crock to hold salt, has a minor chip but no big deal, a Campbell soup mug and a Kliban cat mug, and a flamingo cup for my flamingo collection. Also got the cutest little Hawaiian/Tiki plaque, that is edged in real shells.

Found a Josef lady figurine, so sweet!

Here is the little Hawaiian/Tiki plaque.

Also found some cute jewelry - a vintage owl pendant, some ladybug earrings, and cloisonne shell earrings. I am not going to wear the earrings, but will use them in other crafty things I will make.



Anonymous said...

wow you made out. I went to an estate slae, but the stuff was way to high.
Still could post about your baby. He's playing you well!

Hey you sure you don't want to do the post card thing with me??

Monica said...

Im thrifting today, there are alot but Im just going to one thrift shop and a rummage sale :)

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that I can't post to your main site, but thought I would tell you I did the SATURDAY'S PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT.

my house is cuter than yours said...

e tiki plaque kicks ass!

MARYBETH said...

I like the tiki plaque too- first one i have ever seen!
im going to post weekend thrift report until my new site is up so feel free to check it out =)