Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday's Vintage Thrifting Finds!

This is the first time I am joining "Vintage Thingie Thursday", what fun!

I got an early start today - I only had time to go to 2 of my usual shops.... but will hit more tomorrow!  :)

I love these roosters!  They will make a great addition to the Rooster Collection, and they were only $1 for the pair!

A vintage Rooster egg plate, and a couple bags of old Hong Kong plastic strawberries - plate was 50 cents, and the strawberries were 10 cents for all...

An old set of 4 card games - I love the graphics on the cards....

And an eclectic mix of little vintage bird figurines, and a pair of owl salt and peppers too!

Will be back tomorrow after the day's thrifting is completed  :)  

See you then!

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rednesday - Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

This is my first "Wednesday Is Rednesday" post - and I hope I am doing this right! :)

I would like to share a collection of red vintage kitchen collectibles that are sitting atop one of my old Hoosier cabinets. They include a big metal red and white platter, a Jewel Shortening pail, an old Saltine tin, an old Bon-Ami container (love that little chick on the can), a calumet baking powder tin, an old canister with strawberry decals on it, lots of wooden watermelon slices, a black teapot wall pocket with red cherries on it, and an anthropomorphic apple face cookie jar.

Just looking at all these items makes me smile - I hope it will make you smile too!

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Thanks for visiting with me!


Monday, January 03, 2011

Thrift Score! Vintage Christmas Collectibles

A new Thrift Shop opened in town last month, and I made a quick trip over there this morning. So glad I did - look what I found!! All these vintage Christmas lights were in one bag that had no price on them - I held my breath when I asked how much they were. The shop owner asked me what I would pay for them, and I jokingly said $1.00. They said OK, and I had to hold back from doing a happy dance right there! :)

P.S. Sorry if you are sick of seeing Christmas stuff already, but I had to share this find with you!

The first pic shows lots of old glass light bulbs - I have to dig out an old light string to test them, if I can find it. I think they have a C6 base, but not sure. Also in the bag is a cute little blue pinecone bird ornament.

Lookie!!!! More vintage Christmas lights in the shape of stars, and an old tree topper with multi-lights on it. There is even a crystal Matchless Star light too!

And a bunch of old Bubble Lights too, I love the purple one!

I am going out again later and hopefully will have some new goodies to share with you tomorrow, see you then!


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!