Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Weekend Travels

One of the many places we checked out over the past weekend was the Galesburg Antique Mall, it was amazing! I loved the HUGE old vintage building it was housed in, there were 3 floors jam-packed with a fantastic assortment of vintage goodies! Below are a few pix I took while we were visiting - this is the outside of the building:

One of the things my hubby really enjoyed was a darling little restaurant called Rooster's,that was located within the antique mall (which made it easier for me to take my time shopping while he took a break to sip a big mug o' java :) The restaurant was sweetly decorated with an array of vintage collectibles, and had a nice selection on the menu.

I would have loved to bring home these little fellas for my salt & pepper collection, I don't have them - they are the cutest pair of anthropomorphic toothpaste tubes - but....they were priced at $125! So unfortunately, they could not come home with me....sniff...sniff - aren't they sweet?

Another of my faves was a showcase displaying a collection of vintage paper mache rabbits!

This showcase had a great assortment of vintage advertising tins, but most of them were pretty pricey - but I enjoyed looking at them anyway. Sorry some of the pix are crummy, I took them through the showcase doors.

More tins in the same showcase - my favorite is the Baker's Coconut tin.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Have you seen Thumbelina?

This past weekend, I had a load of things I wanted to get done around the house....but, the weather was so beautiful and there was a break from all the heat we have been having, so we hopped in the car and took off for some adventure. We drove about 100 miles and visited some nearby towns, and at one of our stops we saw a sign that Thumbelina was in town for a visit!

In case you have not seen her, she is the world's smallest horse, and IS SHE ADORABLE! She is all of 17 1/2" tall, and only weighs 58 lbs. She tours around the country most of the year, and I was lucky enough to visit with her :)
Here are a few pix of her, isn't she the sweetest little thing?!

After that, we continued on to another area, and found a fantastic antique mall - of course I had to check it out. My hubby really enjoyed the mall too. I took some pix and will post them in a bit. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Today's Thrift Score

This is such a sweet find, a wallpocket in the shape of a coffeepot, with little cherries and leaves on it. Had a couple of nicks in it, but a quick dot of magic marker and voila! you can't even see them now. This little gem was $1 at a yard sale.

Here's another one to add to my S & P collection, it is in the shape of a mixer, and the salt and pepper shakers are the tips of the beaters. I have the box it came in too, but for some dumb reason I forget to include it in the pic...duh......LOL...I think my brain is dead from the heat....

This thing is huge!!!! It is a heavy ceramic ashtray with a big ol' Boxer ?? dog sitting atop it. I guess it is over a foot wide, and is quite heavy. (If the hubby gets out of line, I'll just whop him on the head with it, in case the frying pan is not handy *giggle*) Just kidding :) It cost all of $1.50 at a yard sale.

These little fellas just made my day! In case you didn't know, I am ga-ga over bird related items - (since I am owned by 3 of the most lovable, mischievious, noisy, talkative, feathery, and did I say talkative, bundles of joy on this earth :) These are darling little vintage bird toys, they were to sit on the perch in the bird cage for the bird to amuse himself with. They are in perfect condition, and were only 10 cents for both!!!

Will see you tomorrow with more vintage stuff!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's Thrifty Goodies!

Here are today's thrifted goodies for your enjoyment, I will have more tomorrow...and the next day......and the next.....(yes I know I have too much stuff, I can't help it - these sweet old things MAKE me take them home! :)

This darling little vintage metal Police car was only $1.00!!!

This was only a partial set of tin doll dishes, but I think they are sweet anyway - they will look cute in the vintage toy cabinet we have. All of them for 50 cents.

A leather cup full of vintage dice for 25 cents. I will have to make something with the dice - not sure what, but I will put on my thinking cap and come up with some ideas :)

I love old pottery, and these hands were a find for 25 cents - I will probably use it on the dresser to hold small pieces of jewelry.

I can't resist these old spaghetti poodles, I have a number of them, so he will be among friends :) Someone glued some golden beads on him, not sure why, but I will leave it as it is. This little fella was 50 cents.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LOADS of Thrifted Treasures!! Here They Come!

OK, yes I know it took me a while to get these pix to you, shame, shame, shame on me! - I am sorry! - I have been a bad blogger and keep getting caught up in working on stuff in our new home, the jobs seem neverending. But, alas, here they come - I spent most of yesterday taking pix of all the cool vintage stuff I have been finding since we moved to a new area, and have I had fun! :)

While downloading the camera, I found a bunch of pix I wanted to share with you that I had taken before we moved, and they were patiently waiting for me to post them. I am going to start with them, and then on to the newly acquired goodies - there are a ton of them. My hubby says I am crazy to keep getting more vintage treasures, after the "nightmare" we had of moving it all to our new home. BUT....., I see HIM finding things in the thrift stores/yard sales that he says we just HAVE to have....LOL....I am hopelessly addicted to vintage (and so is he) and will never stop, it seems the items just call to me to bring them home - you "Thrift-a-holics" know what I mean! :)

So without further ado, here come the pix!

Here is a cute little donkey, I think at one time he may have held salt and pepper shakers in the round areas. He was 10 cents.

These horses are made of some type of plastic, they have an art deco look to them that my hubby liked. I believe they were 25 cents at a thrift store.

Sweet little ceramic horsey with flowers on her - how could I resist at 10 cents?

This is a chalkware plaque that is in great condition, I think this fella was 50 cents at a yard sale. He came galloping home with me :)

I will be posting pix of thrifted vintage goodies every day now - YES, I promise, promise, promise I will !! :)

Love, Feathers


Saturday, July 14, 2007

YAHOOOOO! - I AM BACK !!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I am soooooo sorry to have been gone this long, I have missed all my blogging buddies so much - but the good news is that WE HAVE MOVED and are settling in to our new home and getting used to our new area - slowly but surely (actually wayyyy to slowly for my liking, but WE DID IT! :)

I have lots of pix to take of my new finds, (yep, it did not take me long to scout all the new thrift stores and places to discover in our new town) and will be getting them posted later this week, along with details of the "great misadventures" of our move....LOL

I have lots of catching up to do in all your blogs, so look for me in "your neighborhood" soon - it's great to be back, and (((((((big hugs)))))) to all!!!!!!

With love, Feathers