Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LOADS of Thrifted Treasures!! Here They Come!

OK, yes I know it took me a while to get these pix to you, shame, shame, shame on me! - I am sorry! - I have been a bad blogger and keep getting caught up in working on stuff in our new home, the jobs seem neverending. But, alas, here they come - I spent most of yesterday taking pix of all the cool vintage stuff I have been finding since we moved to a new area, and have I had fun! :)

While downloading the camera, I found a bunch of pix I wanted to share with you that I had taken before we moved, and they were patiently waiting for me to post them. I am going to start with them, and then on to the newly acquired goodies - there are a ton of them. My hubby says I am crazy to keep getting more vintage treasures, after the "nightmare" we had of moving it all to our new home. BUT....., I see HIM finding things in the thrift stores/yard sales that he says we just HAVE to have....LOL....I am hopelessly addicted to vintage (and so is he) and will never stop, it seems the items just call to me to bring them home - you "Thrift-a-holics" know what I mean! :)

So without further ado, here come the pix!

Here is a cute little donkey, I think at one time he may have held salt and pepper shakers in the round areas. He was 10 cents.

These horses are made of some type of plastic, they have an art deco look to them that my hubby liked. I believe they were 25 cents at a thrift store.

Sweet little ceramic horsey with flowers on her - how could I resist at 10 cents?

This is a chalkware plaque that is in great condition, I think this fella was 50 cents at a yard sale. He came galloping home with me :)

I will be posting pix of thrifted vintage goodies every day now - YES, I promise, promise, promise I will !! :)

Love, Feathers



Amy said...

Lovely horse ornaments! My daughter has been after some of those for ages, she's mad about them :-)

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Gosh, I was worried you were never coming back!!
I see a theme happening in your thrifty pictures :)

sweetheartville said...


jungle dream pagoda said...

I am SOOOOO glad your back!!!!!
Love that donkey! I have a collection of donkeys(most pulling wagons) lining my kitchen window!!!

Tootie said...

Hey Feathers! I dig those art deco horses and what a deal.....25 cents each!!!