Monday, April 03, 2006

Head Vases and Frilly Stuff

Here is what my hubby calls my "Foo Foo" cabinet. It is full of vintage head vases, hand painted floral dishes, and other frilly collectibles.



Monica said...

i love those heads and the woman sittin on the bottom on the pink dish, it is foo foo but who cares, I have a little foo foo section

30' huh! I rented a 10'x9' and had it FILLED but its expensive here to rent($100 for that size!) I was laid off my job and thats why I am selling on ebay and I had my site up for years, if you notice I keep all the good stuff!!!

I do sell things I regret but I just get more :)

Monica said...

oh yeah and I could go to sales and thrift shops ALL day and night if they had them, no one else I know is into as much as me

I went to Alaska and went to the trhift shop and garage sales, I went to Cananda and went to garage sales, also Block Island and Florida, all when I was on vacation

maverick said...

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