Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chicken Collection - Part 2

Here is the other cabinet with more of the chickens, I find them all the time at thrift stores and yard sales - the bottom shelf won't be empty for too long :)



Monica said...

its getting so hard to find things here, its like a big fight when you go to sales

Monica said...

Hye you like Amityville Horror? I go to a thrift shop in Amityville all the time, its a cool looking shop!

Anonymous said...

I buy my mom chicken stuff all the time. I gave in and gave her that great carnival glass hen before Easter. She loved it.

As for the other blog I think a complete republish might help me be able to post. Give it a shot.

p.s. still waiting on that e-mail.

Your cards in the mail!!!

MARYBETH said...

I will keep my eyes peeled for chicks * roosters =)

Anna said...

LOVE the chicken collection!!!!! I snap up cute little poultry items when I can too.
Thanks for adding my link to your blog!