Sunday, September 02, 2007

Antique Car Show!

We had a blast this holiday weekend, traveled all around to various fairs and festivals, and one of the places we visited was an Antique Car Show (my hubby insisted :) I took a ton of pix, and will share some of them here with you. These are my favorites! I can't remember the names of them all, but they were spectacular, and they were spotless inside and out. This first one was an aqua and white pickup truck, it was so cool! Now if it were in pink and white I would be in heaven!

This car below, was another favorite of mine, and the hubby's too - a 1956 T-Bird, an exquisite car!

Now I would like to be traveling around town in style in this 1937 Packard, (below) such a classy car it was! I expected someone wielding a tommy gun to come barrelling out of the back of the car!...LOL

This car below was not at the Auto Show, but we spied it in a parking lot. I have never seen one like this before - it is an old El Camino - kind of part car/part pickup truck. I have seen newer ones but this was a first for me!

This orange one would be fun to tool around town in for Halloween!



Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, Jack would have loved the "hot rods!"

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!! Those are sweeeeeeet!

buy cars said...

sweet cars, specially the El Camino, I didn't knew at first which one is the front and rear. lol. Must have cost a fortune to have one of those, this is the first time I knew that there was some sort of car model.