Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Thrifted Goodies!

Yes, I know it is about time I started sharing pix again of all my thrifted/yard-sale goodies! :)

To start off, here is a beautiful red rose vintage tablecloth found at a flea market - it is gorgeous and in mint condition! It cost all of $2!
As always, just click on the pic to see a bigger view of it....

Two sweet little bluebird figurines I could not resist....(and cheep cheep too!)

Vintage aprons! These were 50 cents each - I especially love the one with the pink butterflies.

Here are all 4 of them - the white one with blue trim is hard to see, and so is the chocolate brown one with yellow trim.

A set of vintage owl wall decorations for 50 cents - hoot! hoot!

Beautiful old Japanese cup and saucer with rose pattern - 25 cents!

Vintage Crochet Design booklets! I do not know how to crochet, but they were so colorful I could not pass them up...

Love all the floral design ones, and especially the Big Top in Crochet - too cute!

Sorry this pic is lousy, but the yellow pottery vase is really very pretty!

And the last pic for today is a rather odd little vessel of some type - it has a dimensional rabbit head on the front of it - kind of hard to see in the pic. Strange little piece but it had to come home with me :)

Lots more to come, will see you tomorrow!


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