Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thrifting Finds - Roosters and Chickens and Sock Monkeys - Oh My!

Here's a peek at some of the nifty vintage goodies I got this week while thrifting/yard saling - I am trying to put them together in some type of group, except for the sock monkeys that don't belong with the chickens - but, hey, they were so cute I had to show you right away!

These little rascals were found at a resale shop for 25 cents heart went pitter patter as I quickly raced over to get them. One of them needs some repair stitching but that can be easily taken care of :)

Do I love this chalkware rooster plaque! Found at a resale shop for 50 cents, he will be a perfect addition to my rooster & chicken collection!

Here is a cute little ceramic lidded pot with a rooster design on it - not sure what it's intended use was, but it has found a home with me - only 10 cents too!

This fella looks so happy, and about ready to crow! I think he may have held salt and pepper shakers in his wings at one time, but they were not with him. I liked him anyway, and for 10 cents I am not about to complain :) Behind him is a cute little woven wicker spatterware coffeepot basket type thing that I thought was adorable. It was 5 cents at a yard sale.

I was about ready to crow when I found this vintage plastic rooster, he's an old Easter decoration. He is missing a red feather that was in the hole in his wing, but I just happen to have some here so he will be fixed up right away and added to my Easter collection. Oh, and he was only 25 cents!

Here is an old wooden snack bowl that happened to have roosters painted on it. I have a wooden knife holder with roosters on it in my kitchen, so this will go along with it. It was 10 cents at a yard sale.
Lots, lots, lots more to come - I just need to find the time to take the pix, if we EVER get some sunshine - have a great week everyone! :)



Expat Traveler said...

I love your finds! I always felt that way while living in California. I can't collect things anymore, just not enough room..

But I love your site title, too funny!

Thanks for stopping by my photo hunt, and if you don't mind, please vote for me in a photo contest I've entered. Just return to my page again to click on the link to vote.

I need 200 plus votes! :)

meeyauw said...

You've been tagged Have fun!

Helena said...

Love, love, LOVE those sock monkeys!!!! You find the best stuff. Helena :-)

Lisa said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Oh, your chenille bedspread is divine. What a deal!


Anonymous said...

some day you will have to show us some of the places that your collections live.


Gina said...

Wow score!

Gina said...

Wow score!

Monica said...

HEY! I got a sock monley recently at a sale, I thought mine was a deal for a dollar!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh I love the monkeys.

Jack's first birthday was a monkey party, and I made sock monkeys galore.

Flea Market Queen said...

Who doesn't love a sock monkey?
They are always so cute...