Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thrifting Finds - Vintage Planters

Last week I happened upon a yard sale and my eyes immediately spotted a collection of planters on the table - I ran over and scooped them up, and found that each one was only 25 cents each!

I think this little donkey and cart planter is my favorite, I love the pastel colors!

I will have to "moooooooove" a few items around in my cow collection to make some room for this cute cow planter.

OOooh, this one I love soooo much too, a sweet little puppy next to a basket!

Will have to bring out this guy when it gets nearer to Turkey Day :)

This one is so beautiful, a swan planter, and it is in need of a bit of touch up paint on the beak area.



jungle dream pagoda said...

I have a bit of a passion for donkey planters myself! I have set a limit of I never pay more than 6 dollars on them for myself. I want to live where you live! I could have a whole wall instead of just a shelf full!

Leilani said...

Wow what an amazin find! I love the donkey planter and the puppy one is so adorable. :) Are you actually going to use them for plants or are they just going to be for decoration?

Kristy said...

I love these planters! I know you didn't officially let me know but I think I'll include them in my £6 thrift challenge if you don't mind?

Anonymous said...

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