Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Tour Of My New Neighborhood

I was driving around our new area (out in the country) and took pictures of some of the gorgeous houses that surround us, and I wanted to share them with you! One of the many reasons I love this area, is that it appears here they have respect for wonderful, vintage homes - people renovate and preserve the beauty and character of the city. Having just recently moved here, from living in the heart of a huge city all my life, was quite a welcome change. At first hubby and I were not sure if making such a radical change was the right thing to do, but now we know that it was!

In our previous home in the big city, we grew so tired of seeing wonderful old homes being destroyed and torn down to make way for those "mini" mansions and condo developments that seemed to sprout up overnight everywhere you went. The whole character of some of the older neighborhoods was being ruined. I would much rather see a glorious old Victorian restored to its former glory, than a bunch of new homes thrown together so quickly, and all looking so much alike. That's just my opinion :)

All I can say is that so far I have not regretted this move one bit, and neither has the hubby - we wish we would have done it much sooner! It was a big decision for us to make, because we both had lived in the big city all our lives. I do not miss the terrible congestion on the streets and highways, road rage, lack of parking, stores always being crowded, hearing police sirens all the time, and I can go on and on....LOL

What I LOVE about this small city is waking up to fresh air, birds and crickets chirping, peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, extremely friendly people who are happy to welcome a newcomer to their area, no rush hours, no traffic jams, geeeez - why didn't we do this sooner? :) Anyway, here are some pix of gorgeous houses in the area for you to enjoy!



Jenmifer said...

WOW! Gorgeous homes!!! It's a huge change going from City to burbs. I've been there before also! Glad you are adjusting to your new home. :) I LOOOVE your blog! It's soooo FUN! I also love your FABULOUS thrift store finds! You've hit the jackpot on several of them! Thanks for stopping by my blog and paying me sweet compliments. It's a great way to meet new friends like you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
So glad to hear from you again. These houses are really lovely. I Just think they have such character. I can just imagine those long porches filled with family on a Sunday afternoon.

Take care,

Amy said...

Beautiful houses, we don't have anything like that here!

Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful! I don't blame you one bit for moving and the reasons you did are all valid to me! Which one is your house? heh heh

Anonymous said...

I will take one those home over mine any day. I'm so tired of living in the area I am too.


Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! Love seeing all your treasures...The houses...beautiful. Would love to know where it is you live. Laurei

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I hear ya! Yes, I think country/suburbs are gonna beat the city for peace and comfort. I can hear cicadas outside right now...don't know how comforting that is...well those houses are gorgeous!
Looks like you have found some good thrifty places to shop too! I've been given a huge amount of planters recently and they are so cute. No room for them but don't want to part with them either.

Sue said...

Thankyou for finding me, it looks like we have alot in common! I love your little collections you have found, in particular, the hats, they are gorgeous!
Im adding you to my list of bloggers, Im very interested in your junk!Shame you are so far away!
Sue said...

That looks like a great place to live, what pretty homes!