Monday, March 26, 2007

Thrifted Easter Bunnies

These little fellas have come home with me from various thrifting excursions. This little guy is an old Japanese piece, his scooter is missing the handlebars, but he is so cute I couldn't pass him up.

Here is a little chalkware bunny that hopped into my arms from the shelf at the thrift store :)

This little bunny is only about 4" tall, he is carved wood and soooo cute!

I love this piece, it is a ceramic egg and the back is covered in amber rhinestones, and the 2 bunnies smooching are so adorable! (I am such a sucker for this stuff :)

This is a homemade piece, whoever made it signed it 1972. The top lifts off and you can stash goodies or candy in the basket bottom.



Dave Richards said...

These look amazing...absolutely beautiful just loved them...and hey in the spirit of Easter i'd also like you to visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometiome and check out all the wonderful stuff it's filled up with!!!

woof nanny said...

Holy flippin' cow! You must have thrift radar. Amazing finds. The decorations you found remind me of this one that I saw linked on another blog