Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vintage Glassware

This must be the month for glassware! Everywhere I go I keep finding more of it. Below are some of my newest treasures - in the first picture are 2 Polynesian/Tiki-like glasses, or mugs with a wooden handle. Found at yard sale, $1.00 for the pair. I hope to find more of them for my future Tiki Bar :)

When I found these flamingo iced tea glasses, my heart skipped a beat! They are very large, although they don't look it in the picture. Aren't they great! I purchased 5 of them at a yard sale for $3, but alas, when I got home one of them was broken. sniff....sniff..... But I still have an even number of 4, and that is fine with me.

I love these cute flowery glasses, actually my hubby spotted them at a thrift store. The colors are so cheerful, and they go perfectly with our kitchen which is a jadeite green, with accents of soft yellow and red. We use these glasses all the time. Thrifted for $1.50 for a set of 4.

Here are a few "orphan" pieces of thrifted glassware that I have come across. I will keep hunting for a couple more of the yellow gingham ones, and would eventually like a set of the striped one. Love the colors on it! 25 cents each for the yellow ones, 10 cents for the striped one.



Leigh Ann said...

Isn't it funny how thrifting seems to go in waves? Love all the glassware. The tiki mugs are so cool and almost look glow-in-the-dark. :)

Cheers! LA

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you to find those glasses!!! That's one thing I've not had luck on finding. I'm begining to believe certain areas of the country have the market on certain things!! I love the little yellow gingham glasses, but the tiki ones rock and the flamingos are fun!

Anonymous said...

Uggg, hubby actually has storage boxes full of glassware in the attic, he won't let me get up there and peek around..LOL I think most of them are old McDonald sets. I would like to see what else is up there.
The tiki glasses look brand new...great find.

Monica said...

Those are GRAT you are so lucky!!!

Monica said...


jungle dream pagoda said...

Gosh golly darn it!! I don't know which ones I like best! I think its the tiki mugs!

Anonymous said...

Flamingos? :)

I have been searching for some hi and low. Those come in handy for summer patio parties...which is why I've been searching for some. Lucky!

Tootie said...

Thanks for posting my website on blogs you like to visit! I enjoy your blog as well! I'll post my vintage rooster iced tea glasses on my blog soon!