Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vintage Sewing Book

Here we have "The Complete Book of Sewing" that I thrifted this week for 50 cents. It is a substantial book from 1943. Get a load of the picture, don't you just love it! It has some great illustrations inside too. I am not the greatest of sewers, much to the dismay of my grandmother who, along with my great-grandmother, owned a custom dress design shop many years ago. You would think it would rub off on me, wouldn't you? She always would come along and fix up my messes, rip out the stitches, and do it the correct way....bless her heart, she did exquisite work. Who knows, maybe this book will inspire me to hone my sewing skills? :)

I got a bunch of old cookbooks too, and will post them tomorrow when I get the pix taken. :) Yes, I CAN cook! LOL



Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh!! Cookbooks are fun and there are soooo many of them out there. I can't decide if I like the ol' 70s ones or if I like the church/community style ones best! I've also got a thing for old childrens' books. And old craft books. Heck, even old sewing patterns that I have yet to do something (not sewing though!!) with. Lol! Are we a bit obsessive? My husband and kids think I am...

Glamour Mom said...

Now that looks like a keeper to me. What a great find. They don't make sewing books like they used to. I think books today make everything too complicated. These old books get down to the simple basics which I think is great.

I think you should definitely give this book a try and sew something. I'm sure you still have it in you.

Will visit again soon :)

Rachel said...

Greetings Feathers-
Thanks for stopping by Metaphorical Magpie. I'm glad you did. You have beautiful thrifty finds. I'll be back to check in with you soon. I'm going to add you to my blogroll.