Friday, March 30, 2007

Vintage Cookbooks - Part 3

Here is the "Montgomery Ward Home Freezing Cookbook" from 1946. Next to is a really cool book from Armour and Company, it was a souvenir from the 1934 Century of Progress World's Fair!

And then there is "21 None Such Mince Meat Recipes" which has some really nifty pictures. But I have to ask - what IS mince meat???? Really - I know I have had it at least once in my life, can't remember it though, but nowhere in this book does it tell me what it actually is???

And next is a newer booklet called "A Season to Celebrate with Philadelphia Cream Cheese" I love that stuff! My granny used to make a wicked fruity-cheesy dessert out of it for the holidays. If you ask me, probably anything they could cook up would be good with Philly in it. I have to ramble on here for a minute - have you tried the ready made Philadelphia Cheesecake filling yet?? I recently found it in a tub container in the dairy case, and let me tell you - THIS STUFF IS ADDICTING! I had every intention of making the suggested Cheesecake out of it, but I must sadly report that it never made it that far...I ate it right out of the container! (I am embarrassed to say) but ohmygoodness was it tasty! Dare you to try it and not do the same! LOL


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