Friday, March 30, 2007

Vintage Cookbooks - Part 2

Lookie!! Here we have none other than "The Galloping Gourmet TV Cookbook" from 1972 featuring favorite dishes from Deep South Pacific. Note on the cover Graham Kerr is holding a Macaw parrot on his arm (hope that is not part of his menu :) Next to that is another book, "Blue Ribbon Recipes - County Fair Winners" yummmmm-eeeee, those goodies on the cover are calling my name!

I love those spiral bound cookbooks that are put out by churches and community groups - this one is called "The Salem Sampler" and has recipes from the members of the Salem Covenant Church in New Brighton (wherever that is) and then an old Swedish cookbook, called "The Smorgasbord Cookbook".


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Laurie said...

Hi there,

I was just reading your blog from a link on Monkey Box's and saw you asking where "New Brighton"'s a Northern burb in Mpls/St Paul MN...