Monday, April 02, 2007

Thrifted Vintage Kitchen-ey Stuff

Here is some neat vintage stuff that is grouped on top of one of my kitchen cabinets. All of the items have been bought from either yard sales, thrift shops, or found. The first picture shows a large round red and white metal serving tray (love the pattern!) that was bought for $2 at a yard sale. The Cape Cod insulated Cooler was found sitting on the curb on garbage pickup day (My kind of deal! :)

**Note** At first my husband used to cringe in embarrassment when I would jump out of the car to run to the curb, and haul something to the car that was waiting for trash pickup. Years later, he is now used to me doing it, and doesn't mind - especially if it is something that he is interested in. But he still asks ME to get it for him...LOL However there was a breakthrough! Just this morning he took our garbage cans out to the curb early in the morning. He was so excited to tell me that he found a 3 drawer storage unit on wheels that a neighbor had discarded, and he even hauled it in and cleaned it for me - I was just telling him a couple weeks ago that I wanted to get another one for some more crafting stuff I just bought. Wow - miracles do happen! :)

Back to the stuff - there is an old Calumet Tin that my mom had given me, a cute Lipton's advertising cup that was 10 cents, it's not old but it looks old, and two watermelon pieces that were thrifted for about 10 cents each.

In this picture, you can see my big old white ceramic hen, it is as big as a real one I think - it was thrifted for $2. A cute rooster planter that was $1 at a yard sale, and sweet vintage tin with little strawberry decals on it, it was 25 cents at a yard sale.

Here is a closeup of the rooster planter, along with a vintage Bon Ami tin that was $4 at an estate sale. Love that little chick on the front of it!



woof nanny said...

I love it when certain cities allow people to leave large items in the alleys, etc. It's not legal in most areas here, which really irritates me--most people would take it away. I never understood why the landfills don't set up thrift shops either. It would be a win-win--stuff would be saved, the landfill would have more space, shoppers would love it, and the city would make money.

Thank you for the comments you've left lately. Blogger rarely gives me an email address when they notify me of comments (grrr) or I'd have written earlier.

I bought some old craft mags today at a thrift store. I'm crossing my fingers that a mirror will still be there tomorrow. I didn't have enough cash today.

Glamour Mom said...

Who says nice items can't be inexpensive? You are definitely a great "bargainess"! Is that a word? Probably not. Well, let's just make a word

You're really good a displaying :)