Monday, April 16, 2007

Update on My Questions

Thanks so much to everyone who responded and offered suggestions to the questions I asked about Blogger earlier. Not even 2 hours after I posted that message, Blogger refused to let me sign in under the old system (which is exactly what "Mama and Jack" wrote that happened to her) Blogger must have known I did not want to switch over and just had to torment me... :) Well, I had no choice BUT to switch over, which I very nervously did. Good news, everything went fine, and it did accept my template since I had it in the system already. (When I had opened up a "test" site under a different Blogger account, it would not accept my template on a new account.) So after all, I was worried for nothing. I will get around to re-doing it on the new system, because I like the option to label your posts by category. I have temporarily implemented an option to that, by making a list of categorized posts through (it is in my right sidebar)

As for the e-mail reply question, everyone said that you have to have that option checked in your profile so others can reply to you. So if you want me to reply to you personally, you will have to send me your e-mail if you do not have it publicly listed. I put my e-mail on my front page for anyone who needs it. Thanks again so much for your help!


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Sarah and Jack said...

I am glad everything worked out ok!