Friday, April 20, 2007

Today's Thrift & Yard Sale Scores!

Hello everyone, hope you are all getting ready to have a great weekend! Sorry I have been "scarce" this week - we have begun our official "house hunting" phase this week, and took 2 lengthy road trips to search for a new home. We visited many nice little towns and are narrowing down the choices....actually the hubby and I pretty much have our heart set on one town, but will still continue to do some more searching just to be sure. We are taking another drive Sunday to start viewing some homes in the area we liked - please keep your fingers crossed & wish us luck! I forgot how tiring constant driving for a long distance can be, I swear I felt like I was driving for hours after we left the car. When I collapsed in bed, I closed my eyes and still felt I was in the car on the road...LOL

Well of course I had to find time to do a little yard sale-ing today, the weather was so nice out! Caught a few neighborhood yard/garage sales, and here are my
vintage treasures. First pic are the kitty cats - one is a little figurine with his paw up in the air, the orange one is a salt and pepper (my hubby is regluing its mate), the last one is a "gum holder". He is so cute, but ohmygosh - do people really re-chew gum????? Ewwwwwwww These kitties were all 10 cents each!

I could not pass up this adorable book, "The Three Little Kittens" the cover picture is soooooo sweet! It was 10 cents also.

Here is a darling little group of "green" critters! One vintage frog is smoking a pipe, the other is playing what I guess is a violin, there is a wee little turtle on his back figurine, and a tiny green glass rooster miniature. The frogs were 50 cents each, and the turtle and rooster were 10 cents each.

Is this little fella not the cutest thing? It is an itty-bitty little ceramic bird pitcher, not more than 1 1/2 inches tall! Maybe I will use him to hold toothpicks or something tiny. 25 cents for this little birdie!

I love the old chalkware stuff, this one is a little red bird, he needs a little touch up painting, and of course I could not wait to bring him home to the "flock" :) He was 50 cents.

I could not resist this salt and pepper set! A pair of "Florida Love Birds" made of hard plastic, sitting beak to beak on a green plastic branch. Awwwwwww :)

I don't think this tin is very old, but it sure was cute! (cuteness plays a big role in my purchases, in case you had not noticed :) It is a bird cage, and on each side are 4 different views of different birds. A mere 10 cents for all this feathery fun!

I have a few yard sales on my list for tomorrow, so hopefully will find some more vintage goodies. Will see you then! Have a great weekend!



Monica said...

My gosh I love it all, the parakeets salt & pepper are the best!

Amy said...

Oh my daughter would love all the things you've found, she's animal & bird mad :-)

Anonymous said...

All those goodies would almost make the road trip worth it. Good luck on your house hunting.
I love the little gum holder. Haven't you ever heard the song "Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight"? haha!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! You scored the whole bird sanctuary I think!! So adorable, and the gum one is my fave, LOL!!! Can you imagine setting that out at your finest table setting? LOL, I totally would.

cinderelly said...

such cute stuff! i have been getting a few salt/pepper sets too! i got a cute one of a white kitty on a pink sofa last week. the birdie things seem to be all over these days! i am really liking the birds!

VaxGirl said...

Cuteness overload! said...

Hey, looks like a theme going on. Don't you love it whent that happens out garage sailing?

jungle dream pagoda said...

You must live in a totally awesome area for tese goodies,oh how perfect these goodies are for you,they definitely went to the right home!!!