Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vintage Dolls & Doll Furniture

Here are some more goodies that I got at the Estate Sale this week, the same one where I got the wedding cake toppers! I found 4 little vintage dolls, 3 of them need a little TLC, but I could not pass them up (of course :) The first one's eyes open and close - too sweet!

This little doll says "Mexico" on her sombrero, I love her face.

Here is a little cowgirl doll, she has a bit of a problem standing up....(maybe she's a bit wobbly from getting off her horse :) Her hair could use some much needed attention, along with her hat.

Sorry for the crappy photo of this doll, she still has her little tag attached to her!

And then, much to my delight, I found some very old plastic doll furniture!!! The stove and fridge are old Ideal furniture, with the cardboard backs on them.

The dresser is Ideal, and the tub is Renwal I think - I know one of them is Renwal but I don't have it sitting in front of me.

And the best part, it was only $5 for the lot!!!!!!! All of it!!!! :)



Anonymous said...

omgosh....what a steal. My hubby makes dollhouses, and I know how expensive they are to furnish. Good Deal!!!

norththreads said...

!! WOWOWOw!!! Love your blog, thanks for visiting!!

scoundrel said...

Hi Feathers:
I love your blog. I am going to put you on my blog cuz you are too cool.
Have a great day. Can't wait to make the charms for Mary's Charm Swap!!!
aka Scoundrel

Anonymous said...

Hey there Miss Junkatrunk! Thanks for your sweeeeet bday song/wish :) I still like those dolls and they still remind me of the ones my mom used to have in her dresser *wink*

Monica said...

I like the cowgirls face!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am DYING for that plastic furniture!!!!! What an amazing score! Cute Dollies too,I'm always a sucker for dolls!