Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Have 2 Questions.....

Good morning everyone,

I have 2 questions that hopefully some nice people in Blogland can help me with. They are:

1. I would like to switch over to the new Blogger, because I like the fact that you can label your posts. Has anyone had any problems with switching over??? Guess I am scared of losing everything in case it should go awry. I set up a test account with new Blogger and it won't accept my template I worked so hard to get the way I wanted it. Does anyone know how long the old Blogger will still be functional, before they phase it out? Comments anyone???

2. I like to reply to comments that folks leave for my posts - but there is rarely ever an email attached to the comment so I can reply to them personally. I don't like to post answers on the original post, because most likely they will not be reading the comments on an old post. How do you deal with this situation??? I feel bad that there is no easy way to do this - is it because of the old Blogger/new Blogger thing?

Thanks for any comments/suggestions you send my way :)



Miz Smoochie Lips said...

I'm not sure about your first question because I've only been blogging since Jan. and it automatically set me up on new blogger... but for the email part... you can only reply to ppl in email if they've allowed their emails to be shared - which 9x out of 10 they don't do. I think the only ones that can do that is the pay blogs (like typepad etc)

Rebecca said...

I had no problem switching over to the new blogger but I used a very simple template. And Miz Smoochie is right, you have to attach your email to your comments for the blogger to see them. :)

cinderelly said...

i too, had a simple template when i switched. i did not encounter any huge problems. i am not sure i am understanding about the e-mail thing though. my e-mail is available in my profile page, but not on the blogpage. this is my first visit to your blog...i like it, i love junk shopping too!

Sarah and Jack said...

I am surprised blogger hasn't forced you to switch yet. They literally forced me, I couldnt sign in anymore until I did it. I think if you have a highly customized template it *may* not switch over and you may be forced to make a new template. HOWEVER, making templates changes is easier on the new blogger.

Smoochie is right about the replying thing. You have to go into your profile and check the box that says "show my email" in order for your email address to be visible when you leave a comment.

Monica said...

I switched and the only thing that annoys me is that I have to log on everytime, it never remembers me or my password but other than that no problems