Monday, April 16, 2007

More Goodies from Estate Sale

Hi everyone, I wanted to post these pix sooner, but I got wayyyy too busy over the last few days. They have been waiting patiently in the computer for you to see :) Here are the rest of the great items I got from the Estate Sale, I sure wish there were more sales like that - I lucked out and happened upon it when it just started, for some reason their ad did not get in the paper in time. Lucky for me, or it all would have probably been gone in a jiffy.

First pic shows a really cool plastic container that holds little pink, blue and white cotton puffs. The container has nifty gold glitter in the plastic, so 50's!!! It still has it's little tag and the puffs are in mint condition, not that I will use it, just too neat to look at!

Oh I wish, I wish, I could have found the rest of the set that should have gone with this brush, but this was the only piece that was there. Isn't is beautiful with those delicate little roses on it? It would make you feel like a princess with a vanity set like that, wouldn't it?

Next I have for your viewing pleasure 2 of the sweetest vintage little girl's headbands ever, they are adorned with vintage fabric flowers and netting in pastel colors. They are in super condition too. Underneath them is the cotton ball holder that I showed you above.

And lastly, a really sweet metal tissue box holder - it is an off white with roses and flowers painted on it. Here again, I wish I could have found some matching pieces of this set, but none were to be found.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, the weather is starting to warm up here again!



Monica said...

very shabby chic-ish, I like the glitter puff holder thingy!
I have a tissue box like that in black, but it has a rust spot on it!

Anonymous said...

How lucky to be at an estate sale that wasn't adverstised....wooohooo! That would have been heaven to me!

Anonymous said...

What lucky finds!!! Love those little headbands... they're so sweet.

Please accept the thinking blogger award from me!! The graphic can be stolen from my hacienda ;)
You make us remember/think of times gone by, vintage products that are still usable and heck, nostalgia at it's best!! That's worthy of an award if I do say so myself :)

See you back in blog land next week

VaxGirl said...

I love the bathroom stuff! I wonder if those are commmunion headbands? From what I remember of mine, it looked similar but with a veil attached. It looks like your might have had a veil too.

Rebecca said...

Wow, such cute things! Love those headbands, they are very unique.

Amy said...

oh I've been after one of those plastic containers for ages. Good for you on finding one :-)

norththreads said...

yUM, Yum, Yummy Scores!!

amy said...

Nice finds! I just found your blog too via somewhere. I really liked the name :)

Eulalie said...

Good for people to know.